Tips To Avoid Scams In The Online Job Market

The Covid-19 Pandemic has driven a wedge between persons and their regular source of income. It has become a daunting task for many to sustain basic needs for survival. In fact, the unemployment rate in America now stands at 14.7 %. For instance, in April alone 20.5 million American jobs were lost. As of Thursday April 16, 2020, when applications closed 388,755 Jamaicans applied for the Compassionate Grant offered by the Government of Jamaica. This is an effort to cushion the adverse economic impact of Covid-19.

As a result, more unconscientious individuals have sprung up to capitalize on vulnerabilities and hardship of honest hardworking people. Please do not fall prey to these scammers. Due to Covid-19, Online Jobs seem attractive more than ever. Perhaps an answer to our money worries. Before you exchange your money for empty promises, please ensure you have adequate information to make a wise investment.

Tips To Navigate The Online Job Market

  • If something sounds too good to be true. It probably isn’t true. If possible get testimonials from persons that are already in the business. Ask for proof of payments or revenue.
  • Always get adequate information about the venture. How does it work? How do I get paid? What are the requisite skills and resources needed for this venture? What is the average earning potential for a particular period? Will I receive help or support? What is the total cost to launch this venture? Is there a refund policy?
  • Check the company website and social media pages for any red flags.
  • Take all the time you need to examine all the pros and cons. Never allow anyone to rush you into investing in an unknown venture.
  • Don’t get pulled into a lull of long-term financial gain coated as instant money. There is a 95% chance that it will take weeks, months, or even years to reap huge benefits.
  • Notably, not all scams require monetary investments. Some are advertised as instant jobs. Where you will be paid daily, weekly, or monthly after completing the required tasks. After these tasks are completed all communication ceases from the company or individual. Obviously, they gained from free labor.

Although, this is a great time to start your own online business. Please be careful. This venture demands dedication, consistency, time, and investment. Do your research, be informed. What do you have to lose if you don’t? Well, a lot! Your valuable time and hard-earned money.

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1 month ago

Great tips Sashawn! Yesterday my mom, 77 years old, received an email saying her Visa card would be charged for something from
When we looked into it, the number they had for her credit card didn’t match any of her cards. It was a scam!
It is sad that people prey on others during times of distress. Thank you for this thoughtful and helpful post!

1 month ago

Great wisdom and advice! So important we all take measures to discern the potential scams out there.

1 month ago

Thanks for great insights! This is a perfect time to really be careful with your money, time and investments.

Anupama Anupama
Anupama Anupama
1 month ago

Nice article.
Please Visit and subscribe my son’s blog also

Anupama Anupama
Anupama Anupama
1 month ago

Good article

1 month ago

great information

1 month ago

This is so full of good information. I feel like since this pandemic, I have had a number of sketchy calls, and offers that seam highly suspicious. It’s sad but during these times we really have to be on our guard! Blessings!

1 month ago

Great tips I wouldn’t even think about! And its such an important topic right now with the world getting even more into Tech! Thanks for sharing.

Lokesh Kumar
1 month ago

Great Post…very helpful!!

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